Friday, July 16, 2010

The Arkansas Talent DataBase has moved to a New Website Location.

The Arkansas Talent DataBase has moved to a New Website Location.

The Reason for the move:
NING will begin charging $50.00 a month ($600.00 a year) for the old ATDB site. This new billing from NING begins Tuesday July 20th.
We will not tolerate having to charge any member such an outrageous fee for a FREE listing.

What You Need to Do:
1) Register a New Account at:
2) Wait for the email confirmation.
3) Once the email confirmation has arrived click on the link, this will confirm your new registration at the new ATDB website.
4) Log in to the New ATDB website:
5) Open your profile at the Old ATDB NING website in a new web browser TAB.
6) Copy each profile section field into your new profile field.
7) Upload a new profile photo.
8) You are completed with the basic profile.
9) Spend some time on your profile and note that each field has a custom “view” field.
10) Your page can be customized to your own taste.

The NING Network will go Offline on Tuesday July 20th.
This is a large Corporate move on NING’s part not ours!
We are dedicated to keeping the FREE to all members.

A Huge Thank You To Tony Gschwend for taking on the task of creating the new and providing the web server space for it’s hosting.

Please bear with us as we go through new growing pains in providing You with this FREE resource for All Arkansas Talent.

Kevin and Kat Yares

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