Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hearing Voices – Yet Again

Now that the Audio CD is off to a few folks for a crit review, things that are right and wrong with the CD master mix; my mind now wanders into the script for the movie. For the past week or so, the characters have begun speaking to me, at times keeping me awake most of the night. Each one in their own turn, or sometimes all at once, as to just how they feel the story should go.

Since this “mind sorting” has begun, a new character has now invaded my space in the script. He says he needs to be a part of the story to help show a complete conflict POV. The bastard is probably correct though, so he too will get his time on the pages of the rough draft. Of course when it comes to rewrites, that is when all of the characters really begin to fight with me on the pages in my mind. It happens every time I get closer to the final printing of FADE OUT.

So off into that wonderful blinking cursor and blank screen. It has been nine months since I have put anything creative on paper. Not to say that the Kat’s Tales book and Audio CD has not been a joy to work on, but those are Kat’s words, and I only infused my limited knowledge into the final production.

Although we are calling this film - adaptations to the original work, my characters are already telling me that is will only be based on that work. Like me, they have their own story to tell for Revealed Evil.
Can I Conceal Mine?



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