Monday, December 7, 2009

In the Can - Time to Recluse

Our last voice talent was here yesterday and the Audio CD is now in the can so to speak. Time to recluse and begin the post work on the stories.

Jason Thompson, stand up comic and voice actor wonder, was in our small rural studio yesterday to place his multi-faceted voice into the project. Kat and I had a date night on Saturday and listened to both Jason Thompson and Angry Patrick (Patrick Beam) perform. Both of these guys were spot on in their Comedic performances.

We also want to take the time to thank the other fine talents that performed for us as well.

Kyel Kidder
Lucas Corey - Yares
Michael Corey - Yares
Erin Yares
Alissa Brainard
Courtney Perry
Jason Thompson

All of these fine actors will be listed on our website in the future with a photo and a short Bio.

Well on to the post work and soon distribution. Then both Kat and I can get down to the task of adaptation for the short films. I am sure that those listed above will be a part of this next endeavor as well.



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