Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy Compliling

We have been busy compiling the stories into three or perhaps four distinct volumes. The shear amount of written material is not overwhelming, but simply a joy to reread and organize.

Who would have thought that from a gentle person such as Kat, comes such a morbid, vile and vivid creation. Her masterful tone brings out the reality that true darkness can reside in all of us. Especially if those deeply held feelings and secret desires are allowed to surface. Not only between us humans, but from nature as well - not to mention the unexplained supernatural.

We are classifying the stories into separate sub genres so they can be released into short volumes for publication. From these short volumes we will be adapting some of the stories for film.

As soon as we have finished the polish on the short volumes we will be posting them to a new website The site is up, but nothing is there yet, so please stay tuned. The site will host the shorts in the written word. We will have excerpts for some the stories and links so you can purchase the volumes at a very reasonable price.

So much to do, so much to get cranked about.