Saturday, September 19, 2009

Do I Really Sound Like That?

Find out! We are having an open casting call for North Central Arkansas.

Casting Call For The North Central Arkansas Area

We are currently seeking the following Individual Voices for Revealed Evil Audio CD production.

The description following the sex of character defines characteristics we are looking for. It does not define an all at once reading. Although - I suppose a timid, southern, valley girl would sound rather unique.

3 – Female Voice Actors
Female – timid – valley girl – southern
Female – older – gentile – strong
Female – strong – young – slight Irish brogue

3 – Male Voice Actors
Male – higher pitch – southern
Male – strong – southern twang
Male – strong – older

You need no previous experience, in fact we encourage folks whom never had any acting experience to contact us. The goal of this project is to utilize talent from the North Central Arkansas Region. We are looking for Voices!

Pay will be next to nothing. We are offering paid expenses to and from our rural studio (gas money), lunch and a 1 percent of net profits after all expenses.

Contact us via email send no attachments as any emails with an attachment will be deleted.

Include, name, sex, age, return email address, basic location in Arkansas and any previous experience.

List of Remaining Characters:

Woman – Female (mousy timid tone)
Man – Male (a little redneck twang)
Elinor – Female ( grandmother tone)
Cop 1 – Male (edge to voice, short clip)
Rath – Male (older voice, portly, slow)
Woman – Female – ( slow on phone)
Bertha – (high pitch twang)
Trucker – (high pitch twang, short clip)
Clark – Male ( large voice)
Elise – Female ( almost valley girl)
Stella – Female ( strong, resistant)
Tom – Male (quite, strong)
Woman (Lillith) – Female ( strong, excitable)
Narrator – Male ( strong confused)
Driver – Male (Same as Narrator)
Red Hat – (excitable)
Narrator – Female (young voice, strong)
Sarah – Female (Same as Narrator)
Mom (Abbi) – Female (timid)
Narrator – Female (Irish brogue)
Colleen – Female (Same voice as Narrator)
Amy – Female ( southern gentile)



Monday, September 14, 2009

Lo Gap Media Sending Out Review Copies of Revealed Evil

Lo Gap Media Sending Out Review Copies of Revealed Evil

Fresh from the printers, Kats Tales: Journeys into the Velvet Darkness - Volume 1 Revealed Evil is being sent out to reviewers.

Clinton, AR – September 14,2009 - Lo Gap Media - After months of editorial work Lo Gap Media is proud to release the print copy of Kats Tales: Journeys into the Velvet Darkness – Volume 1 - Revealed Evil to the public and selected reviewers. Revealed Evil contains 13 short stories exploring the wickedness that lives in the hearts of everyone. Written in the vein and style of “Creep Show” and “Tales from the Crypt”, Revealed Evil is the first of three volumes to be released under KatsTales: Journeys Into the Velvet Darkness Series. As one prestigious review critic has put it - “very nice work.
some pretty disturbing images, pretty forbidden subjects, pretty direct lyric-- un-sugarcoated. you dance in places I couldn't step, unknown country, velvety darkness in all senses. ‘The Changlings’ made me shiver. ‘The Church on the Hill’ struck deeply buried chords.”

About Lo Gap Media
Lo Gap Media is involved with communications and content production. Both Kevin and Kat Yares are published authors and have been involved with the written word and production media for the past 30 years. They have moved into the area of Web Content for the past 5 years. Currently, they are working on Natures Secrets - Volume 2 and Shadows – Volume 3 of Kats Tales, along with the production of an Audio CD for Revealed Evil. Both screenwriters, they are adapting selected short stories to film for direct to DVD home viewing. Working from within the Ozark mountain range has given both of these authors great insight into the human condition of struggle and poverty. Their work reflects this emotion as they bring to light a new type of publication in the horror and thriller genre. The words within the pages of Revealed Evil are not blatantly graphic, but will stick with the reader long after the book is set down.

For more information on Lo Gap Media and Kats Tales