Monday, July 19, 2010

35 mm DSLR -- Four Arkansas Indie Productions to Watch

The hype has calmed a little with 35 mm DSLR cameras going from High Definition (HD) stills to HD moving pictures. Using full 35 mm lenses combined with a large capture chip, these cameras raised a ruckus with the traditional cinema film capture folks. Terms like film is dead, not just anyone can use these lightweight capture devices, it’s just a gimmick. Until a professional grabs one of these cameras.

At this present time I am highlighting four independent film projects located right here in central Arkansas using the Cannon 7D. The 7D is either the primary or principle camera being used to capture the image information. Each project is unique in its own way.

Leon Tidwell has just completed primary capture on his latest short The Conversation. Using traditional lighting for indoor capture and natural sunlight for all outdoor shots, Leon was able to move quickly between takes and adjust his angle on the actors. Having seen the rough cut with no color correction, I am in awe as to the quality of the image.

Kelly Griffin, long time commercial shooter for the Little Rock market, related to me the best thing about the setup for the 35 mm DSLR is the overall weight factor. He used to lug 200 pounds of equipment for a shoot, now if I am correct, it is less than 20 pounds. Currently Kelly is the Director for a feature length called Anyone. His approach as an experiment is to utilize all natural lighting outdoors as well as inside.

Eric Dietz has taken on a new approach for the use of the 35 mm DSLR; point of view (POV) mount and shooting. With the use of a wide angle lens Eric is currently getting ready to shoot a Zombie short, Never Stop Running, all from the lens of the camera and character POV. I know this has been done before, but if you get a chance to view his test footage -- all lighting is with a flashlight.

Gerry Bruno is in pre-production for two shorts, 15.2 Seconds and Seven Souls. The choice of cameras leads from the 5D, 7D and the RED. Gerry has not released much more than that and is currently looking for cast and crew.

The point here is to look for these films as they are released, study the work. The magazine hype has become a reality for true no-to-low budgets with extremely high-end quality. The combined experience of these above mentioned filmmakers runs into decades. Each has told me that everyday they learn something new about recording images on a 35 mm DSLR.

I mean really, is that not what all of this is about? Telling a story with your own unique style, especially with high quality image capture. Look for interviews with all of these filmmakers on Arkansas Talent Conversations in our Fall line up.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Arkansas Talent DataBase has moved to a New Website Location.

The Arkansas Talent DataBase has moved to a New Website Location.

The Reason for the move:
NING will begin charging $50.00 a month ($600.00 a year) for the old ATDB site. This new billing from NING begins Tuesday July 20th.
We will not tolerate having to charge any member such an outrageous fee for a FREE listing.

What You Need to Do:
1) Register a New Account at:
2) Wait for the email confirmation.
3) Once the email confirmation has arrived click on the link, this will confirm your new registration at the new ATDB website.
4) Log in to the New ATDB website:
5) Open your profile at the Old ATDB NING website in a new web browser TAB.
6) Copy each profile section field into your new profile field.
7) Upload a new profile photo.
8) You are completed with the basic profile.
9) Spend some time on your profile and note that each field has a custom “view” field.
10) Your page can be customized to your own taste.

The NING Network will go Offline on Tuesday July 20th.
This is a large Corporate move on NING’s part not ours!
We are dedicated to keeping the FREE to all members.

A Huge Thank You To Tony Gschwend for taking on the task of creating the new and providing the web server space for it’s hosting.

Please bear with us as we go through new growing pains in providing You with this FREE resource for All Arkansas Talent.

Kevin and Kat Yares

Monday, July 5, 2010

Four Gone Conclusion

As Hollywood announces yet another remake I have come to a number of conclusions. Please allow me to bore you with my voice.

Spec scripts are Dead! Writing a speculation script and sending those off to the land of poor economy is a waste of time. Your passionate words are going to end up in the trashcan. Myself with three spec scripts written, one of which is represented, are all gathering dust I am sure. While my agent whom is always optimistic, and why wouldn’t they be, keeps up the positive - I know better. Yes I am sure that I can write for script competitions thinking I can place, win some money and then what? My words, my ideas, my passion is still gathering dust. So instead, a different path, keep the passion flowing, work in the short genre. Make the films ourselves with a little help from our friends.

Arkansas is no Hollywood, thank goodness. The people involved here, in the creative arts, have a sense of sensibility. The talent available far outweighs any negative thoughts one can have concerning script rejection. The possibilities for creating a short work on film, with a true little to no budget, is a reality. The cooperation, the spirit and work ethic surpasses anything I have ever experienced. This is coming from a man who has spent his past thirty years in an industry of professionals - who try to stab you as “they” shake your hand. So far, and I am sure “they” are out there, I have witnessed the Best in everyone I have had the honor to work alongside.

So from this point forward, Lo Gap Media and The Arkansas Talent DataBase (ATDB) will be dedicated to one thing; The Promotion of Arkansas Independent Film and The Arts. Through the Podcasts we will do our best to highlight those involved in all forms of the creative process. We have taken a sabbatical so to speak, but the new studio is completed, and better interviews will be forthcoming. Contact us for an interview of your project. The Arkansas Talent DataBase will be moving very soon to a new Web address, pushing even further into the woods and woodwork for unveiling new talent located around the state. The ATDB is NOT a Talent Agency, we are merely providing a place for all talented individuals and groups to post and reveal themselves. We leave it up to those individuals to contact each other for projects. So far many have been started and completed.

I do wish we could receive more cooperation from the Arkansas Film Commission in the aid to independent filmmakers and projects, but I have yet to witness any of that happening. So we are on our own. Not completely alone though, we have each other. The deep passion of creativity exists here. Perhaps being creative does offer up some introversion, learn to disregard those feelings and work to Network. A new group was formed earlier this year by Gerry Bruno called the Filmmakers Forum. It is a great way to meet others of like minds, network and form project plans. We have learned that from this group of dedicated professionals, projects are seeded and turned into reality.

So after all of these words, if you are still reading this, and of course I can be full of crap. The expectation of being the next greatest wordsmith heading west, good for you. If you want to see those words on a screen, large or small, quit sitting there, get busy, make a short film. Get help from some of the best professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside.

Myself? At the current time I am following a Blind Man, visually impaired, who can see!

Best to All of You.

Kevin Yares

Saturday, January 9, 2010


The final mix is done, the artwork completed last night along with an interior information page. The Audio CD of Revealed Evil is officially finished!

After eight months, more like 8 years, the second project in a line of three is printed and ready for distribution and marketing. Now the real work begins.

I want to thank everyone involved with this project from the voice actors, technical help and the folks who took the time to give us great critiques. Thank you one and all!

The third draft of the short film(s) adaptation is well underway. We are both excited as to what has been accomplished so far, and looking (bright eyed and perhaps naively) forward to what is coming at us.

Please look for the launch of the new and revised website to take place the first week of February.