Monday, August 31, 2009

Lo Gap Media Begins Production on Revealed Evil as Radio Style Play

The first in a series collection of short stories by Kat Yares – Kats Tales: Journeys into the Velvet Darkness – Volume 1- Revealed Evil is to be produced by Lo Gap Media as a Full Audio- Radio Style Play for Home CD Release.

Clinton, AR – August 31,2009 - Lo Gap Media – Production recording has begun at the rural studios of Lo Gap Media for Kats Tales: Journeys into the Velvet Darkness – Volume 1 – Revealed Evil. Using primarily local voice talent for the first in a series of Home Audio CDs, Lo Gap Media will bring to Life the depth of Kat Yares’ writings. Based solely on her written words, the Radio Style Play will take the fiction? into a realm of artistic movement beyond the simple reading of words into a microphone. Each story will be performed and accompanied by a unique musical score, sound effects and an ambience of realism.

About Lo Gap Media
Lo Gap Media is involved with communications and content production. Both Kevin and Kat Yares are published authors and have been involved with the written word and production media for the past 30 years. They have moved into the area of Web Content for the past 5 years. Currently, they are working on Natures Secrets - Volume 2 and Shadows – Volume 3 of Kats Tales, along with the production of an Audio CD for Revealed Evil. Both screenwriters, they are adapting selected short stories to film for direct to DVD home viewing. Working from within the Ozark mountain range has given both of these authors great insight into the human condition of struggle and poverty. Their work reflects this emotion as they bring to light a new type of publication in the horror and thriller genre. The words within the pages of Revealed Evil are not blatantly graphic, but will stick with the reader long after the book is set down.

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